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Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center has helped thousands of people and their families who suffer from addiction begin the journey of recovery. Life Changes offers freedom from the bondage of addiction.  Every individual is provided the opportunity to transform.   Our dedicate staff encourages our clients to “Embrace the Change”.

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Most individuals are exposed to a wide variety of factors, which can significantly impact their life in a negative manner. Addiction to drugs or alcohol can often provide an individual with no benefits, as it slowly destroys their health, their life, and their loved ones. When you find yourself looking to move beyond the limitations of addiction and discover real addiction help, it would be vital to take advantage of the following four steps, in order to help improve your opportunities for success.

The first step that any individual who is seeking drug or alcohol addiction treatment must turn to is found with identifying resources of support. Regardless of how often you damage your relationships with loved ones, there is a surprising level of forgiveness that an individual can express. Turn to friends and family members as one of your greatest opportunities for support, when trying to overcome this difficult struggle.

The next step is to utilize resources that will assist with drug and alcohol detoxification and stabilization. The first few weeks of any effort to quit, will represent one of the most difficult experiences you have ever had. By reaching out and calling (561) 301-1119, you will be able to remove the temptation of drugs and alcohol through the detoxification and treatment process, so that you can get through this initial period of difficulty.

Counseling and therapy at Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center can prove to be a crucial solution that will help you with your drug or alcohol addiction treatment. During your stay at our center, you often discover new sources of strength and reliability, which will help you get through this very difficult time. We offer many resources for counseling that a person can discover, simply by asking for help and giving us the opportunity to help you.

The final step of overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is found with using the tools you learn here at Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center and relying upon these tools to help you maintain your independence from drugs and alcohol. Whether you are facing cravings or temptations, the strength of sober supports in recovery and the tools you’ve acquired during your stay with us will help provide you with the strength you need, in order to remain free of these addictions.

Drug and alcohol treatment at Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center can prove incredibly helpful when trying to overcome the battle associated with addiction and alcoholism.

Watching someone you care about abuse drugs or alcohol is definitely heartbreaking and a terrible thing to go through. If you’ve been going through this, you probably know this better than anyone. Problems that arise from abusing drugs & alcohol usually affect many areas of life, from family dynamics, to health, to financial stability and relationships. The staff at Life Changes Addiction & Treatment Center knows how difficult it is to passively watch a loved one take part in the self-destructive, harmful behaviors resulting from drug and alcohol abuse. We want you to know, you are not alone. We have helped thousands of struggling addicts and alcoholics find their way back and are here to help your loved one as well.  We offer a large variety of successful and powerful treatment options that allow us to custom tailor services to best meet your loved one’s needs.

Whether your loved one needs medical detoxification, a residential treatment program, outpatient therapy, sober living accommodations and assistance, or recovery support, we provide the full continuum and spectrum of care.

At Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center, your loved one will be treated with respect and dignity by our caring and loving, professional staff.  We will help them discover and find out how drug and alcohol abuse or mental health problems may be affecting their friends and family, their education or career goals, and their overall quality of life in general. Our services include: medical detoxification services; residential and outpatient treatment; group, individual, and family counseling; relapse prevention and triggers management; case management; job readiness and vocational training; drug and alcohol education and services to help sustain a successful recovery. Many of our clients take part in recreational and fun activities in sobriety such as the beach, the gym, bowling, the movies, or beach volleyball, to name a few. While enrolled in our excellent treatment program, our goal is to help them see the potential for a life free of substance abuse and addiction. We are proud to offer state-of-the-art EEG & Brain Mapping evaluations and therapy plans as well.

We work closely and personally with our clients to identify the skills, education and therapies necessary for them to gain control of their lives. We often involve significant others, family members and/or children in treatment. If you love someone, Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center can help. Please get in touch with us today—let us help your loved one set and achieve goals and get his or her life back on track.

Thank you for considering Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center as a viable treatment option for your client. We see great value in our partnership with referring professionals and aim to make the process seamless for you and your client. When you refer an individual to Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center, we will work closely with you to collaborate in the admission, treatment and recovery process.

Our programs provide the highest quality care for individuals with complex recovery issues. Our fully licensed, experienced and caring staff work with residents to develop a sense of community with their peers and to understand the disease of addiction. We also assist residents and their loved ones through the process of treatment and recovery. Residents will leave with the ability to identify triggers of addictive behaviors, establish non-chemical coping skills, develop self-help skills and learn how to maintain their recovery.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you regarding the care of your clients. Please e-mail us or call (561) 301-1119 to see how Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center can help you today.

When you refer to Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center, you are a partner in the recovery process. You can speak with one of our expert staff members to determine if our treatment programs are the right choice for your client.

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