Our Commitment To Our Patients

Because addiction and alcoholism are a form of brain disease, Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center’s approach is medically driven to treat both the body and mind.  Individuals with chronic and relapsing diseases like addiction require a coordinated combination of intensive treatments that restore and support physical and mental health  — all guided by medical care that is sound, advanced and compassionate. We not only treat the destructive effects of the disease of addiction and alcoholism, we treat the whole patient. We provide our patients and their families with the most effective tools for sustained, lifelong recovery.

We care. Many members of our staff are in long-term recovery. Having experienced addiction firsthand, they understand the debilitating, destructive effects of addiction and the challenges to sustained recovery. They also understand the power and the reality of hope. We are committed to providing our patients and their families with compassionate care that comes from our experience.

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Our Beliefs

Our beliefs are rooted in evidence. Chemical dependency is a treatable disease of the body, mind, and spirit. A team approach is necessary for meeting our patients’ physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. Alcoholics and other drug addicts can completely recover from the obsession to use. Recovery is an ongoing process and a strong foundation is built in treatment.

Our Mission

Our mission is hope. Our experience as professionals and the experience of members of our team in recovery, affirm time and again what we already know. There is hope for long-term recovery. That mission is part of everything we do — every conversation, evaluation, intervention and treatment strategy that we implement at Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center.

Our Approach

Our approach is strengths-based. We focus on individual patient strengths, because we understand that in those strengths are the seeds of sustained recovery. With treatment and the tools they learned here, thousands of our patients and families from South Florida, across the country and abroad, have recovered their lives.

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