Wide Range Of Treatment Options

Dependence upon drugs and/or alcohol is a medical disease that affects both the brain and the body. As a result, addiction treatment is only comprehensive enough to be effective when it includes treatment that addresses the negative physical and mental health effects of chronic drug use and abuse.

At Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center, we offer drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs for individuals that incorporate a wide range of evidence-based therapy and treatment options, allowing each patient to experience a unique program tailored specifically to meet their needs and exponentially increase the efficacy of care. Learn more when you contact us at the phone number below.

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Addiction Treatment Facts

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says that the following principles inform what does and does not define an effective addiction treatment program:

  • Addiction is a medical disease. Though there is no cure, it is a highly treatable disorder.
  • A number of different therapeutic and medical options in addiction treatment are available. No one type, set, or philosophy of care is appropriate for all patients.
  • Addiction treatment must address more than physical withdrawal symptoms associated with detox in order to be successful in helping a patient to remain drug-free for the long-term. It must also address the emotional and mental health effects of drug dependence and other issues that may trigger substance abuse.
  • Patients are encouraged to spend as long as necessary actively engaged in an inpatient addiction treatment, following up with appropriate aftercare treatment options like sober living and outpatient treatment as needed.
  • Taking part in a wide range of personal therapies, group therapies, support groups, and treatments is recommended to patients to ensure that they enjoy a well-rounded treatment program.
  • Some patients benefit from taking medication, especially if there are co-occurring mental health disorders that require it. Addiction can only be efficient if patients maintain their medication schedule.
  • As patients grow and change in recovery, their addiction treatment plan should grow and change with them. Regular check-ins facilitate the update of recovery goals as they are accomplished.
  • Comprehensive treatment for any co-occurring mental health disorders is essential to addiction treatment and long-term recovery.
  • A patient does not have to voluntarily enroll in drug rehab in order to benefit from treatment. Though outcomes are improved by active participation in therapy, studies show that initial ambivalence about recovery does not necessarily mean that the patient won’t ultimately move closer to or choose long-term abstinence.

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Integrative Addiction Treatment

Holistic treatment, traditional therapeutic methods, and experiential or alternative care – when a unique combination of these are chosen according to the specific needs of the patient, the patient gets more than just treatment designed to provide relapse prevention and improved coping skills. Though these are hugely important, if the patient is going to be able to maintain sobriety for the long-term, they must also receive help with issues that can lower their self-esteem, drain them of hope, and encourage drug and alcohol relapse. These vary patient by patient but often include any or all of the following:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Family relationships
  • Legal problems
  • Financial issues
  • Chronic and acute health ailments

Helping the patient to heal on all levels aids them in achieving a sense of balance and wellness that will allow them to move more quickly through the process of creating a functional life in sobriety with a lower risk of relapse. Contact us at Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center today to learn more about the principles of effective addiction treatment.

Addictions We Treat

  • Alcohol

  • Heroin

  • Cannabis

  • Cocaine

  • Ketamine

  • Crystal meth

  • Crack cocaine

  • Painkillers

  • Nicotine

  • Amphetamines

  • Methadone

  • Sleeping Pills

  • GHB

  • Ecstasy

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