The Root of Drug Addiction is Pain

There are a number of articles discussing whether or not drug addiction is a disease with proof provided on both sides.  But indisputably, the root of all drug addiction is pain.  Those afflicted from the disease of addiction (yes, we believe [...]

Loving an Addict

Addicts are often stigmatized as these dirty, grungy “junkies” who parole the streets with nobody other than their heroin, Cocaine and/or other illicit drugs to keep them warm at night.  But the reality is, each individual suffering [...]

Surgeon General Report Part 1

Last week the Surgeon General released his report on drugs, alcohol and health. This report has been a long time in coming. 20.8 million people suffer from a substance abuse. That is the same amount of people suffering from diabetes. Millions of [...]

A is for Acceleration

We have been focusing on each state and their drug of choice. Arkansas has the 34th highest drug overdose death rate in the nation. Methamphetamine is the drug of choice. Basically based on how easily available it has become. The drug epidemic [...]

A is for Action

Moving on from one state to the next we are identifying which addiction each one is facing. Yesterday’s blog was on Alaska which we found to be the 26th highest in drug overdose. Today we move onto Arizona which has the 10th highest drug [...]

A is for Awareness

  As we continue our 50 states of addiction series let’s reflect on yesterday’s blog. Alabama came up 26th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States. Today we take a look at Alaska the next state of addiction on our list. [...]

A is for Addiction

As we start the 50 states of addiction series let’s just take some time to reflect on the current epidemic. Addiction is America’s most neglected disease. Roughly 40 million Americans age 12 and over meet criteria for addiction involving [...]

Real Life @ Life Changes- Zach

Hi my name is Zach and I am an addict. I guess it all started when I was 12 years old. One day my friend Ryan and I got the random idea to go and smoke week. So we found some and I thought it was awesome. I went to school and was bragging about [...]

You are Never Alone

When a person finally decides to seek treatment they have already hit rock bottom. They have let drugs and alcohol take over and are a mere fragment of the person they used to be. A major factor of not quitting is feeling like they have to do [...]

To Drink or not to Drink

Do you drink to get drunk? Do you find yourself constantly thinking about your next drink? Do you find that you drink very quickly? These are all red flags that binge drinking is effecting your life and need to be addressed. People in society [...]

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