Addiction is a disease of the brain.  But there are many reasons why people initially choose to use and abuse drugs, even before the onset of drug addiction.  Becoming familiar with these reasons and warning signs may provide you with early insight on saving someone else or even yourself from a life of ongoing drug addiction, despair and destruction.  Below, we’ve listed 5 reasons individuals typically turn to drug use.

Fitting In – Peer Pressure For Young People

Young people such as those in high school and even college often care deeply what their peers think of them.  What their peers think determines their status and popularity within the social system during the school years.   Hanging out in the “wrong” crowd may lead an individual to be pressured into trying drugs.  Those with a genetic predisposition may very well become addicted to a particular substance and as a result, will have to deal with learning how to resist ongoing compulsions and urges to continue to use.


As dangerous as it is, young people like to experiment and as a result, many of them try alcohol and various drugs at exceptionally young ages.   Nobody thinks they will become addicted, but many young individuals become quickly addicted to alcohol and various drugs they try.   The sad reality is, many people still justify “young experimentation” and blow it off like it’s no big deal.  But a lot of lifelong addicts are created this way, many of which never make it into addiction treatment and recovery.

Coping with Stress and Hardship

Alcohol and drug use is a popular way for people to “escape from reality” after a stressful day and/or hardships.  Alcohol and even marijuana are quite common and have even been deemed as “acceptable” drugs as forms of escape by many people.  But more formidable drugs like Cocaine, Opioids (heroin, oxycodone, morphine), Benzodiazepines, etc are also used as a way to escape daily stress and the hardships of life.   Using any mind-altering substance as a form of escape can lead to potentially dangerous and long-term problems.

Pain Management

Many opioid addicts in particular, start out as injury or pain patients at a doctor’s office.  But because they were prescribed an opioid for the pain, they quickly developed an addiction to it and began abusing them.  Many opioid addicts eventually turn to heroin because their doctor will no longer prescribe the pain medication and it’s cheaper to buy and use heroin.

Grieving a Loss

Daily stress and hardship may make people want to escape for awhile before they have to experience it all over again.  But people who are grieving are looking for a way to stop the incessant pain and heartache that accompanies the loss of a loved one.  Thus, it’s common for those who are grieving to abuse drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism for the pain they feel.

Jump Start Your Recovery and Drug Free Life at Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center

If you have experienced any of the above and are now regularly using drugs or alcohol and want help stopping, Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center can help.  Our staff is both caring and experienced and provides personalized, individualized care to each guest that stays with us.    We also provide resources and help with finding ongoing support after your initial treatment. You are invited to our beautiful drug rehab facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Give us a call at (561) 301-1119 and let us help you get your life back on track.

Written and Published by,

William Charles, Publisher of Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

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