We have been focusing on each state and their drug of choice. Arkansas has the 34th highest drug overdose death rate in the nation. Methamphetamine is the drug of choice. Basically based on how easily available it has become. The drug epidemic is accelerating at a really scary speed.

Diamonds were first discovered in Arkansas. Remember Diamonds are created under pressure.

In the capital’s city, Little Rock, they suffered from 150 overdoses which 2 proved to be fatal. In today’s world heroin targets 18-25-year-old white males and females. When you sit and think what a drug addict would look like it generally isn’t the star of the football team or your best friend in college. Today there is no exception for heroin, it destroys everybody in it’s path. The crackdown on drug abuse of prescription drugs has made heroin the best next thing.

What are the facts?

According to a special on 20/20 on Heroin use in America 75% of new heroin users started with prescription opioids. The average price for heroin is less than prescription pills and you need less of it to experience the same high. That being said the transition from pills to needles is almost inevitable. Meth is more prevalent in Arkansas. In 2014, they were 17th in the nation. In 2013 they got $6,000,000 worth off drugs off the street in a town of 30,000 people. In property crimes about 70 percent are directly tied to methamphetamine.

Why do we care?

The violence potential when addicted to methamphetamine is a huge concern. The drug itself makes users unpredictable and can leave them confused and frightened. Feeling of paranoia and delusional thoughts drive people to do things that they would normally not do. Not only do they become violent the distributers themselves commit aggravated assault to expand or defend their territory where they distribute drugs.


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