Moving on from one state to the next we are identifying which addiction each one is facing. Yesterday’s blog was on Alaska which we found to be the 26th highest in drug overdose. Today we move onto Arizona which has the 10th highest drug overdose death rate in the nation.

Arizona is in a prickly situation.

The Mexican State of Sonora is directly south of Arizona. Along the three principal ports that stretch 350 miles there is a major trafficker hot spot. The majority of the border is desert and mountains and is barely populated. It is not patrolled frequently by law enforcement thus making it the ideal spot for transporting drugs.  Almost all heroin, Officials report, come into the United States from Mexico or Colombia where they manufacture it from opium poppies.

What are the facts?

In Arizona heroin is so readily available and is sold on the streets everywhere. The frightening trend we start to see is heroin in high schools. It is taking away our youth every day. Heroin-related deaths have double in the last 5 years, according to the Arizona Department of Public Health. The amount of heroin seized in 2015 was 1200 pounds which is a significant increase from 853 pounds in 2013.

Why do we care?

Prescription pain pills fuel drug addictions in the country. Arizona is making a stand and approaching this with a new law. The laws are put in place to prevent addiction and get rid of the unnecessary prescribing of drugs. It takes place next October and hopefully will reduce the number of overdoses. Pharmacists will now be able to dispense Narcan without a prescription. Good job Arizona now let’s see the rest of the country jump on board!

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