Adolescent drug addiction  has become a very real – and very serious – nationwide issue. Those who use drugs at an early age are at a far greater risk of developing physical and psychological dependencies than those who pick up using later on in life, simply because their brains have not yet fully matured. Because of their psychosocial developmental stage and the immaturity of their neurocognitive function, adolescents require a different type of treatment than most adults who struggle with substance dependency. Where as adults need to learn how to re-integrate themselves into society without the use of drugs and alcohol, adolescents must essentially learn an entirely new skill set.

Adolescent Drug Addiction

There is a crucial period of brain development and refinement that takes from early adolescence to young adulthood, during which behavioral thought processes shift from predominantly impulsive to more logical, reasonable, and reflective. Crucial components of behavioral functioning such as decision making, self-control, planning, and judgment can be harshly hindered by adolescent drug use. Additionally, drug use during adolescence is attributed to a host of other co-occurring mental issues, such as depression and anxiety.

Age-Specific Drug Rehab

Adolescents tend to be especially affected by their social settings as well, exposed to peer pressure far more frequently than adults. One crucial component of adolescent treatment is teaching patients to successfully cope with such pressures, setting healthy boundaries and effectively saying ‘no’. The majority of adolescent inpatient treatment will be comprised of group therapy sessions, during which young men and women will focus on crucial staples of sobriety as well as the development of life skills. Relapse prevention will be heavily emphasized, as will effective communication, the formulation and maintenance of healthy, supportive relationships, and future planning.

It is crucial for adolescents who struggle with substance abuse and dependency issues to maintain a program of comprehensive aftercare once they have graduated from inpatient addiction treatment. We assist all of clients in formulating such plans, and remain available long after they have completed treatment for any additional support they may need. For more information on our specific adolescent program of addiction recovery, please give one of our trained representatives a call today.

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