When most individuals think of the term ‘addiction’, they think of substance dependency issues. Alcoholism, heroin addiction, cocaine addiction and the likes. But in fact, addiction can come in many different forms. Some individuals are psychologically addicted to food, while others may be addicted to sex, love, or companionship. Behavioral addictions take many different forms, such as shopping addiction or compulsive gambling. When dealing with addiction, it is important that all issues are addressed simultaneously – all too often, one addiction will be adequately addressed and the others will remain untouched, resulting in a relapse into all detrimental behaviors later on down the line. In some cases, an individual may not know that he or she suffers from multiple addictions until the issue of substance dependency is addressed and treated. Many addicts and alcoholics suffer from more than one addiction – and many times, it takes inpatient drug rehab to bring these deep-seated addictions to light.

Common Co-Occurring Addictions

Take a look at some of the most commonly co-occurring addictive disorders that individuals who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction tend to be simultaneously afflicted with.

  • Love Addiction.

Love addiction is characterized by harmful patterns within romantic and other interpersonal relationships, revolving predominantly around fear of abandonment, need for affection, and deep-seated feelings of inadequacy and desperation that likely took effect in childhood. Love addiction can also manifest itself in the form of self-sabotaging relationships for fear of getting too close.

  • Sex Addiction.

Many individuals who are in early recovery will turn to sex as a means of outside validation and distraction, going to great lengths to feel ‘whole’ and ‘okay’. The truth of the matter is, the essential feeling of contentedness that addicts long for will only be found within themselves – not from outside sources (aside from God). Sex addiction refers to a compulsion for sexual behaviors, and results in consequences and an undeniable lack of control.

  • Food Addiction.

Food addiction will either take the form of compulsive overeating or binge eating disorder, or it will present itself in the form of another eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. Many say that food addiction is simply “eating one’s emotions”, but it goes much deeper than that. Food addiction is serious and potentially life threatening, and must be treated accordingly.

  • Internet Addiction.

Internet addiction is fairly common amongst drug abusers and alcoholics, and it is characterized by the compulsive overuse of the Internet – either surfing the web, watching online pornography, chatting online, or using the Internet in any other way. Internet addiction can be extremely detrimental, and must be treated accordingly.

  • Self-Harm.

Many addicts and alcoholics engage in self-harm, which most commonly takes the form of ‘cutting’. In some instances, self-harm is a direct result of an underlying psychiatric issue, in which case dual diagnosis treatment is essential.

Get Help Today

If you believe that you may suffer from more than one addictive disorder, it is absolutely crucial that you find an inpatient facility which will treat all potential underlying disorders in conjunction with substance dependency. If you are unsure as to whether or not the facility you are looking into offers such support, do not hesitate to call up a representative and ask any and all questions you may have.

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