While one of the main goals of inpatient treatment is undeniably to help addicts stop using drugs and alcohol, there are many other crucial goals. Some of these include returning the addict or alcoholic to a functional role within interpersonal relationships, the workplace, and the community. It has been repeatedly proven that inpatient drug rehab is most effective when it is closely followed by a thorough program of aftercare, one that includes halfway or sober living, continued therapy, and dedicated involvement in a 12-step program.

Drug Rehab – Is It For Me?

The combination of these crucial facets of treatment have shown to be exceedingly beneficial for those who previously struggled with severe substance dependency issues. Addicts who took these steps after drug rehab were shown to maintain abstinence, veer away entirely from criminal activity, and become more functional in the workplace and at home. The intensity and duration of inpatient treatment depends on the severity of the addiction in any given individual – though no matter how severe a dependency has become, it has been proven that drug rehab is effective and essential in setting a solid foundation for long-term sobriety.

How Does Drug Rehab Work?

Most inpatient drug rehabs in South Florida combine an intensively therapeutic program of recovery with proven holistic methods of spiritual, mental, and emotional healing. Seeing as the main goal of rehab is teaching clients how to maintain long-term sobriety, each rehab must evaluate each individual client on a highly personal basis upon admission, determining which course of therapeutic action is the best to take.

Finding the Right Drug Rehab for You

When it comes to finding the drug rehab that will be most effective for you, first attempt to evaluate your personal circumstances. Do you suffer from any co-occurring psychological disorders? Do you believe you will benefit from ender-specific treatment, or a drug rehab specifically geared towards adolescents or older adults? Next, dive into some extensive research. Look at reviews online, talk to people who have personal experience, and call the ‘contact numbers’ listed on the sites you are exploring. For more information, call us at Life Changes Addiction & Treatment Center today.

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