Drug addict ion costs the United States upwards of $600 billion on an annual basis. Before addiction treatment became so widely available, many addicts and alcoholics were either convicted as felons and sent to prison at an average cost of $24,000 per person per year, or kept in mental asylums for a comparable cost. There are many issues with long-term institutionalization and incarceration.

Rehab – Well Worth the Cost

One of the most blaringly obvious being that addiction is not adequately addressed in such environments, so that when an inmate or patient is released back into the real world, he or she is ill-equipped to deal with life, and thus winds up right back behind bars in a matter of days or weeks. Not only is inpatient drug rehab far less expensive than the alternative options, but it provides addicts with the support they need to re-enter into society and contribute to their communities in a way that is invaluable on a personal and a large scale.

Your Life – Truly Invaluable

It has been estimated that every dollar that is invested in drug rehab results in a return of between $4 and $7 in reduced costs of theft, drug-related crime, and criminal justice costs. The society benefits greatly from inpatient drug rehab – as does the individual! If you are considering whether or not to attend drug rehab, somewhat put-off by the seemingly steep costs, consider this – most legitimate rehab facilities across the US accept health insurance, and those that do not are typically willing to work with you as far as out-of-pocket payment goes, implementing a sliding-scale plan if necessary.

Find a Drug Rehab Today

Think of the amount of money you spent on drugs and alcohol when you were actively using. Think of all of the late nights at the bar, or all of the times you pawned what you could in order to get just one more hit.  Now, think of the amount of money you lost out on because you were not fit to work. Think of the jobs you were fired from, or the potential you had but were unable to achieve because you were so severely hindered by chemical substance. Drug rehab is absolutely worth the cost – your future is invaluable.

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