After reading post after post about the recent pictures of the overdosed parents with the child in the back, I took some time to reflect. Everybody seems to have their own opinion about what is right and what is wrong. That being said it is our right in this country of free expression. However, these incidences are detrimental to this nation as a whole.

Frightening Statistics

We live in a country where 129 people are overdosing a day. A lot of people ask what happened. It didn’t come out of nowhere but the public turned a blind eye to it. More people die overdosing than in car accidents. Now that the heroin is laced with Fentanyl and Carfentanil the likely hood of an overdose increased drastically. Recently in Toledo, Ohio cops had to administer 6 shots of Narcan to save a man from dying from an overdose. Well as we all know ignoring a situation usually just makes it worse.

So Much Controversy

The couple from East Liverpool, Ohio was a particularly disturbing picture. It showed the raw truth of this epidemic. This is really happening. When they asked the police why they posted the photos on their Facebook page they responded, “We want to show the world what it looks like. ‘If you haven’t seen the picture, in which case you might be living under a rock, they looked like zombies. They had their mouth wide open, the woman’s skin looks blue, their eyes are closed and they are literally slumped over with their heads back. Mind you the most haunting part about the whole picture is the fully awake 4-year-old in his dinosaur shirt fully awake. Coming from a drug and alcohol ridden family myself I understand the trauma that this poor boy was going through. Will he remember it? Maybe, or maybe he will put it so far back that it won’t ever resurface.

Addiction is Dark

In Wisconsin they had a similar occurrence. That is actually the state I was born in. Back then heroin was not a thing. Prescription drugs were and we all know how that turned out when they stopped distributing them. In this incident the two people were passed out and the toddler was trapped inside. In the car there was nearly 200 pills, almost all opioids. Wake up America, heroin is everywhere and it doesn’t discriminate.

United We Stand or United We Fall

So what do we do? Do we shame these individuals for falling into a dark addiction? Or do we make a stand and make sure that we as a nation are doing everything possible to help. I know I don’t want this to happen to anyone I know. Let’s bring hope and awareness to all. The only way to make a change is if we all do it together.

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