After reading various articles on the soaring amounts of overdoses I started to feel deeply concerned. You can use only once and that could be it. Your friend, your family, your future dead. Heroin lives in every community and doesn’t discriminate against race, sex, religion or age. It is hiding in every corner of the country and it is alarming.

Ohio Issues a Warning

This past weekend 7 people died of a heroin overdose in just one day. The reality is that those 7 people were sons and daughters. These people had no link between them. They were spread out through the Cleveland area and its suburbs. Officials believe that heroin or fentanyl was the cause. The officials have issued a state warning to use extreme caution with these illicit drugs. Narcon isn’t working anymore. Cuyahoga county has 1.2 million residents and has had more than 500 deaths due to overdose from heroin and fentanyl. That is a record high for the county. Last month in a 6-day period, 174 overdoses were reported in Hamilton county and Cincinnati.

 A Son Named Blake

I was at a recovery event in Ohio recently and there was a family who had Team Blake shirts on. They were red and eye-catching considering there were about 30 of them. When Blake’s father took the stage he said no Dad should outlive his son. That is just not the way it is supposed to be. He should be burying me not the other way around. The emotion and distain that this epidemic is creating in our communities is severe. There was not a dry eye in the crowd.  I think it is important for these families to get up and tell their stories. It sheds so much light to a very dark disease that is taking our future away.

Signs of an Overdose

One way we can help as a community is be educated in the signs of an overdose. When a person is overdosing from opiates you will notice that they are breathing extremely slow. They could possibly be making gagging noises and turn an ashy or bluish color. Under the Good Samaritan Act, you can call 911 for someone you suspect is overdosing from drugs. 32 out of the 50 states have passed that law. Overdoses can be prevented and should be.

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