Recently in Akron, Ohio 11 kilos of cocaine was found. Worth more than $1 million, 20,000 doses. A police chase was involved and the suspect left his car and jumped from a bridge onto the rail road tracks hoping to escape. He was injured and was taken to the hospital. They then released him to the Summit County Jail. Police also found 25 more kilos of a mystery drug at his residence.


On an average day in the past year in Akron, paramedics get at least two calls relating to a drug overdose. They have seen as many as 24 overdoses in one single day. In every case they use at least one dose of Narcan to bring the overdosed person back to life. However, there are cases that 6 doses have had to be used. Which leads us to suspect that this heroin wasn’t really heroin. Officials are positive that fentanyl is to blame. State data shows that 40 percent of overdose deaths are caused by fentanyl. 112 people have died in Akron this year. Now that is a scary statistic.


Well what is fentanyl and why is it so dangerous? It is a synthetic opioid made is labs. It is 50 to a 100 times stronger than morphine and 25 to 50 times stronger than heroin. The margin for error is so small. Drug dealers see it as a way to stretch their supply.


Interestingly enough a lot of the population has had heroin in its medically pure form, diamorphine. If you have ever broken your arm or suffered from a car accident you would be taken to a hospital and this is what you would get for pain. Now that being said the stuff that is getting sold on the streets has very little heroin in it. The drug dealers cut it with fentanyl among other dangerous things. This makes it very scary when someone is addicted to heroin. It is no wonder the average amount of overdoses has been steadily increasing. It really could be one bad batch that takes your life.

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