Is addiction a family disease? Some people will argue that it is while others claim it is not. Three young men, brothers, were just gone. Imagine just one child dying of an overdose. Now multiply that by three. To many people that isn’t imaginable. But to Jeanmarie McCauley who lost her third son Jesse it is all too real.


Addiction takes over even in families that are knowledgeable about this illness. This just shows how powerful it really is. If an addict knows they can die if they take the drug, but does it anyway, that speaks volumes of the control drugs have. Drugs are now being cut with Fentanyl which is much stronger than heroin. Literally one time may mean your last time.


We need to protect or sons and daughter from heroin addiction. Heroin now lives everywhere. It does not discriminate and it is deadlier than ever. Educating your kids about this epidemic is a must! The idea that it will never happen to you is just not realistic. It could be anyone and we need to get the proper education into everyone’s hands. Most people are familiar with addiction but not many really understand it. Even at young ages children are tampering and experimenting with drugs. This is especially dangerous because they are easily influenced.


So is addiction a family disease? According to the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence it is. They say addiction causes so much stress for the whole family that many can’t deal with it. It effects the home environment, health, finances and the unity of a family. Living with addiction breaks normal routines and as families try to deny it, it grows bigger and bigger. Without help active addiction can ruin the family life and cause long lasting negative effects. Without treatment, the individual in active addiction could very well die. Death effects the family as a whole and as the mother of the three sons, it devastates.


Jeanmarie created a go fund me account and wrote: I can’t believe I am doing this again. she is going to have to bury her third son. She describes him as a kid with a huge heart that lost his way after his two brothers died. He went to treatment in Florida to try to straighten out his life but sadly he did not make it. If this story doesn’t make it known that we are in a state of emergency over the drug epidemic, I don’t know what would. Please sign No More Heroin’s petition at We can’t lose any more of our children. We need the full support of everybody especially judges, politicians and police forces. It takes a village and we need to work with each other to make the difference.

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