Hi my name is Zach and I am an addict. I guess it all started when I was 12 years old. One day my friend Ryan and I got the random idea to go and smoke week. So we found some and I thought it was awesome. I went to school and was bragging about it. I was like the only kid smoking week then so I thought I was cool.


When I got to 9th grade this guy Kurt who was a senior kind of took me under his wing. He introduced me to all the older kids. So from that day forward I only hung out with older people. I thought it was cool being the kid who came to school smelling like weed, always having weed and always being high. In 10th grade I stopped playing baseball because the varsity coach didn’t like me. I was good at baseball so when I quit, the only other thing I was good at was partying and being social. I met my high school sweetheart in 9th grade and ended up being with her for 4 ½ years.


10th grade I was introduced to pain pills. I ended up getting caught with them at school and put on probation. They found the straw I kept in my wallet to snort pills. 12th grade I got kicked out of school. I got charged with assault affliction serious bodily injury to a kid who attended school where I did. So I went and got my G.E.D.


My first experience with rehab was when I was 17. I only went because if I completed it I would get off probation early. I kept getting arrested because of probation ultimately because I wanted to get high. So I figured if I went to rehab I could get high like I wanted to.


When I left I was basically the same. I started doing pills right away. My high school girlfriend broke up with me at this time. So after that I started to shoot up heroin. I went to my second rehab in June of 2015 so I could beat a GTA charge that I was being charged with. So obviously I got high again when I got out.


The realization that I needed to stop getting high didn’t hit until I came down to Florida in February of this year. I really wanted to get clean. I went to my third rehab and got 4 months clean before I relapsed. Throwing away my clean time really messed with me so I went on a run. 4 treatments later I found Life Change Addiction Treatment Center and so far I have stuck with the program.

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