Do you drink to get drunk? Do you find yourself constantly thinking about your next drink? Do you find that you drink very quickly? These are all red flags that binge drinking is effecting your life and need to be addressed.

People in society today think if they do not drink often that they don’t have issues with alcohol. That is not always the case. Anytime someone drinks excessively it can turn into alcohol dependency.

The following problems can consequently happen when people participate in binge drinking:


The effects of alcohol vary depending on the person. While some become happy and social others turn toward aggression. Angry drunks are by far the most dangerous. They turn into a Jekyll and Hyde personality.

Experts have studies that show the way alcohol effects the brain. Chemical changes take place when consuming alcohol and it varies from subject to subject. Excessive drinking leads to sometimes a permanent change in the brain and ability to think in a rational way.

Tunnel vision is sometimes a side effect and if not monitored closely can quickly spiral out of control. Minor incidents can turn into something major if drinking alcohol is not controlled.


Anxiety is a trait that helps us with our fight or flight response. When sober anxiety is very useful by making people aware of certain situations that we may want to avoid or diffuse quickly.

Our anxiety system for defense does not work while consuming alcohol. False triggers may arise that will lead to lack of judgement and confrontational situations.


Information signals can get confused when someone is inebriated. Misinterpretation of events tend to happen and reality is altered.

A common example of this is your cliché bar fight. Drunk people have a tendency to be paranoid and think people are judging them or “looking at them the wrong way”. Ultimately ending up in a confrontation and usually ending up with someone hurt.

If everybody in the situation is drunk, then it can be even more devastating. Drinking alcohol hinders the sensors for pain. A full scale fight can leave both parties in the hospital.


We have already touched on the fact that alcohol can make people violent. Also the fact that people are not able to think clearly has been brought up. However, adding these all together makes for a devastating situation.

A lot of times drinking alcohol causes a lack of judgement. The rage inside someone that is very drunk can be uncontrollable. When a person “loses it” they have no limitations to what they are capable of.


Most of us can enjoy a drink and be social. Those who binge drink are exposing themselves to possible attacks on others. Serious injury can occur to yourself or to the people around you. Uncalled aggression can occur and unnecessary out lashing.

Law enforcement will most likely have to intervene. Being involved in such dangerous habit will not go unnoticed by police. Prosecution may be an outcome of such actions.

The best practice is to be honest with yourself. If you feel any of this resonating within yourself do not hesitate to reach out. Life Changes has a great program, for anyone suffering from alcohol dependence. Please call 1-800-NEW-CHOICE if you or a loved one is suffering from alcoholism.



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