It is going to take multiple attempts and time to reconstruct relationships which were changed during active addiction. Trust can be broken because of past lies and frequently neglecting to follow through on assurances or obligations.

So how do you get the trust back? Resentments and rage assemble in our relationships with friends, family and co-workers. It may take some time to rebuild these relationships but remember it is not impossible.

In this blog, we’ll share important strategies that can be used to help reinforce and reconstruct your relationships while you are in recovery.



Actions may speak louder than words but they are equally as important. Communication is a huge part of the steps you will take to rebuild broken trust. Make sure you let your loved ones know every day how much you appreciate their support. They will be key factors in helping you stay sober. If you feel like you need to talk about something go for it. Recovery looks good on you.


Honesty is the best policy especially when it comes to yourself. Discuss past mistakes and learn from them. Let your family in and tell them how you are growing in recovery. The guilt that you feel and the shame that you carry can be at ease if you ask for forgiveness. First forgive yourself and give time for your loved ones to do the same.


Drugs take everything from you, including your closest loved ones. It locks everyone out and throws away the key. While using chances are you didn’t have a good relationship with your family. Or maybe you were there for Christmas but not engaging in conversation. Now is the time to participate in family dinners, spark up conversation and regrow the bond you once shared. Let your loved ones know how you feel, what you need and what is going on in your life.


In the past the lies were almost like a second language. Anything to get what the addiction needed. Now, going forward any commitment that you commit to follow through. This not only will make others Be patient, at first others might shy away from any plans not believing you are serious. It takes time when rebuilding trust and time to forgive the past.


The addict, before entering treatment, was most likely either holed up in a room lost in their habit or they only socialized with fellow addicts. Both behaviors, post-rehabilitation, are part of a recipe for catastrophe. Truthfully, there are much more non-addicts than addicts in this world.

While the apparent answer is to find a 12-step group that deals with the addict’s individual drug-of-selection, this can also mean simply discovering a network of people that can be there when the addict starts to stumble. They’re a shoulder to cry on and a face to holler at. It can be present family and friends, or folks from church or even coworkers.

These 5 steps should help you make strides in your recovery. Structure is always a good thing when you take your first step out of rehab. If you at any time you feel like you can’t make it there are many ways to get support.

Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center has a help hotline that is open 24/7. Remember you have a voice, be a voice, one voice 1-800-NEW-CHOICE. Do not ever feel like you are alone in your recovery.

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