At the onset of use, most all individuals have the capacity to stop if they truly want to. After all, it is physically impossible to develop a true dependency in the matter of a few days. As addiction begins to take hold, many individuals believe that they can still stop whenever they so choose. Sadly, at some point in time, this power of choice is completely eliminated by an overwhelming physical and mental dependency. At this point, it will be nearly impossible for an individual to maintain long-term sobriety without professional assistance. Changes occur within the brain, and these changes persist long after the drink or the drug has been put down. These changes may affect the ability of an addict to exert control over his or her impulses to use. Even in lieu of devastating consequences, the addict will be physically incapable of putting down the chemical substance for any prolonged period of time.

Why Will Power Is Not Enough

Understanding the implications of addiction may be quite difficult for the individual who lacks any personal experience. You may be absolutely dumbfounded by the fact that your loved one seems unwilling to stop despite the consequences that he or she is constantly accruing. Willingness has little to do with chemical dependency. One may finally develop the willingness to attend inpatient treatment, but the mere willingness to stop using will always prove ineffective. No matter how many times you beg your loved one to change, he or she will remain completely unable to make any major adjustments without professional intervention. There is ample scientific proof behind addiction and why ‘just quitting’ is far from reasonable – but let us break it down into terms that are somewhat easier to understand.

Why Can’t My Loved One Quit Using Drugs?

There are several basic instincts that every human being innately possesses – the desire for food, shelter, water, and sex. There are several other very human desires that most everyone possess as well – companionship, the ability to ‘succeed’ in all self-imposed life goals, the obtainment of happiness, and financial security (to name a few). Chemical substances change the actual physical makeup of the brain, making obtaining and using drugs or alcohol the MAIN priority in the user’s life – overwhelming all other base human instincts and desires. It eventually becomes physically impossible to cease use without strict professional intervention. For more information on drug rehab or on the disease of addiction in general, please contact us at Life Changes Addiction & Treatment Center today.

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